This country

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July 23, 2014 by Mary Elizabeth



This country is unlike anywhere else in the world. Full of renegades, vigilantes, loud mouths, outcasts, misfits, the rowdy, the deviants, gun-toting, the peace-loving, and even the “pardon me”-folks this land is plentiful.

Our red and white stripes are calloused with our hard work, and our blue is deep full of the history of crusades by every American people fighting for a decent life of human value. Our stars are bright with the dreams we dream bigger than anyone else because…we just can. Our forefathers began grappling for their freedoms and scraping by their faith and we continue, some begrudgingly, some without recognition of their past, but even so we are free and a beautiful conglomerate of people that wont fit anywhere else but here.

We are the ones haggard enough to work hard poor for the hope of a someday. We are the dependents on our coca-cola, coffee, and our beer. We are proud of our small towns, and our big cities alike. We all have a prayerful someone in our lives and an angry educator who pushes us to look beyond our worldview. We dance ourselves through the night on our country, jazz, bluegrass, folk, and hip-hop, that all began on the corners of our cities. Our unchanging opinions and big dreams make us American. Our prejudices divide us, but our pride keeps us together. We can live long on a life of grease and fried just as much as we can live long on organic everything. We are one; some reluctantly recognize one another but it does not dismiss in the face of calamity our American pride will rise and we shall conquer. Let the misfits, city slickers, gun-toters, oddballs, botox- convalescents, apostates, and hippies roar as a nation that bleeds of freedom and pride. We are America.


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